Japanese Restaurant Adelaide

There are a lot of different types of food when it comes to Japanese food. As an Izakaya restaurant, Gyoza Gyoza is brining traditional Izakaya style dining to Australia.

A good Izakaya restaurant features a lot of beverages, we are famous for our drink menu, with tons of choices of Japanese beer, Sake, Shochu, Plum wine & non-alcoholic beverages too. Apart from drinks, food is just as important, a good drink with great food is what an Izakaya restaurant should offer.

Gyoza Gyoza does tick both of the boxes when it comes to food and drinks, being very successful Japanese restaurant in Melbourne, we had opened our first store outside Melbourne in 2015, landed in Adelaide.

With the same Japanese Izakaya style restaurant, Gyoza Gyoza Adelaide is just same as the other stores in Melbourne, remain the great quality of Japas, extensive range of drink menu, to bring all our customers an authentic Japanese dining experience.

We first started our brand Gyoza Gyoza in Melbourne CBD located in China town, after that we opened in Chadstone shopping center. Since our aim is to bring authentic Japanese style Izakaya dining experience across Australia, we opened our first store outside of Melbourne, landed in Adelaide.

Gyoza Gyoza Adelaide is located in China town, and as for our opening we were reported by The Source SA, stated that we are brining an unique Japanese restaurant in Adelaide.