Signature Gyoza

Our Gyoza are made in-house with fresh local produce, it comes in so many different fillings, you can order them pan-fried, in soup & steamed.

As we named ourselves Gyoza Gyoza, Gyoza is our signature dish. All our Gyoza are made with fresh local produce, in-house daily, including the delicate Gyoza wrappers that wrap the juicy fillings. Our fillings selection ranges from pork, prawns, mixed vegetables, Wagyu Beef and even duck.

There are 3 different styles for our Gyoza, pan-fried, steamed and soup.

Pan-fried style is crispy and yet fillings are remain juicy, a very popular one. For soup, there are 3 to choose from, Miso, Spicy Miso or Sho-yu.

  Pan Fried Gyoza


  Soup Gyoza


  Steam Gyoza